2013 Jamboree Pictures and News, Day 8

Pictures and News About the Jamboree, Monday, July 22, 2013

Be Extraordinary

Is there a normal day at the 2013 Jamboree?  From what I’ve seen from news, images, and heard from the Scoutmaster reports, I don’t believe there is a normal day.

As all the participants consider what to do before the last day on Tuesday, every day must be extraordinary!  Here are three examples of extraordinary at the 2013 Jamboree that caught my attention:

  1. “The Rocks” (with the “Leap of Faith),” the largest outdoor man-made climbing structure in the world;
  2. “The Park,” a 10,000 square-foot skateboarding area, and the second-largest outdoor skate park in the world;
  3. “The Ropes,” an elevated challenge course.

1.  “The Rocks” and the “Leap of Faith”

Photo Credit: BSA photo

Photo Credit: BSA photo

I think the Leap of Faith is one of the coolest events I’ve ever seen.  Using a self-belaying device, the participant leaps off a platform and descends while traveling along a short cable line.

Eldorado Climbing Walls built The Rocks climbing structure.  Watch at about 56 seconds into the following video for the Leap of Faith:

The video from the Stadium Show also shows Scouts on the “Leap of Faith” soon into the video:

The world’s largest climbing structure has:

  • The “Leap of Faith,” where participants leap into the air from a height of 32 feet and are safely lowered to the ground by the TRUBLUE Auto Belay;
  • Two rappelling towers with a total of 36 rappelling stations at a height of 32 feet (6 stations are dedicated “leap of faith” stations);
  • Three climbing fins with 68 manual belay stations at heights from 21-30 feet;
  • Two climbing fins with 33 TRUBLUE Auto Belay stations at heights from 25-35 feet;
  • One 25-foot high climbing fin with 8 climbing stations (6 manual, 2 auto-belay);
  • Six freestanding boulders with over 50 stations and an average height of ten feet.

The Boulder Cove area incorporates over 280 linear feet of rock climbing walls ranging for 19’ to 36’ in height, including:

  • 12 TRUBLUE Auto Belay backed up rappel stations;
  • 72’ linear foot rappel deck;
  • 25 TRUBLUE Auto Belay backed up climbing stations;
  • Three distinct boulders averaging 13’ in height.

Extraordinary at the Jamboree, times 1.

2.  “The Park,” Skateboarding

Jamboree Today quotes the designer of the skate park:  “The Park is the size of an aircraft carrier and is ranked No. 2 in the world for outdoor skate facilities,” says Aaron Spohn, founder of Spohn Ranch Skateparks.

The manager of “The Park,” Ed Wolf, was quoted in the Beckley, WV Register-Herald to say “We have 583 skateboards, 1,030 pads and 1,500 helmets…”

Watch some of the staff at the park on YouTube:

Extraordinary at the Jamboree, times 2.

3.  “The Ropes” Challenge Course

Photo Credit: BSA photo by Tom Copeland

Photo Credit: BSA photo by Tom Copeland

In Jamboree Today, the challenge course at The Ropes is described as “Fifty feet above the ground, with a only a thin cable beneath his or her feet, balance ropes barely in reach, with just a safety harness to calm the nerves, each Scout’s or Venturer’s task is simple: Just make it across to the next platform.”

Photo Credit: BSA photo

Photo Credit: BSA photo

Photo Credit: BSA photo

Photo Credit: BSA photo

Extraordinary at the Jamboree, times 3.









Thursday, July 18, 2013: Activities!

Day 4 of the Jamboree

On Thursday, July 18, 2013, Jamboree Troop C140 will have a full day to experience the program areas.  The new Summit site has many events that are brand new for the Jamboree and of course, all the program areas are new installations.

The Interactive Map shows the locations.

For example:

the-traxThe Trax (BMX bikes)

the-poolsThe Pools (Scuba, Dragon boats, aquatics)

the-parkThe Park (skateboarding)

the-cloudThe Cloud (technology, robotics, and engineering)

the-bowsThe Bows (archery and sporting arrows)

the-barrelsThe Barrels (200 stations of shooting sports)

the-ropesThe Ropes (challenge course, 25-feet above the ground)

the-low-gearLow Gear (mountain biking)

the-high-gearHigh Gear (mountain biking)

the-rocksThe Rocks (rock climbing)

the-zipThe Zip (zip lines, wahoo, zip lines!)

the-canopyThe Canopy (forest ecology tour, 30-feet above the ground)

Today’s Highlights

Check out newly released Merit Badges including Sustainability, Programming, and Game Design.  Drink more water.  Trading Posts!  Check out the “sporting arrows” at “The Bows,” which are moving aerial targets.  Drink more water!  Go across the Consol Energy Bridge, perhaps more than once!  Find the Conservation Trail.  And even more…