QBSA Jamboree Radio Streaming Via Tune-In

QBSA Jamboree Radio Via Tune-In on the Internet

QBSA-eagleThe Jamboree radio station QBSA is now streaming through the Internet on Tune-In.  Click here for the link.

Or Use the Tune-In Radio App

You can also download the Tune-In radio app on a phone or tablet and then search for QBSA as a station.  I’ve been listening on my iPhone.

QBSA on Facebook

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QBSA is Why You Need a Radio at the Jamboree

QBSA Blastin’ Stuff Atcha

QBSA is the radio voice of the National Jamboree, broadcasting 24 hours a day and streaming through the Internet.  Here is more information from the 2010 Jamboree QBSA.

QBSA at the 2010 Jamboree

QBSA at the 2010 Jamboree

You Need a Radio at the Jamboree

A small battery operated portable radio with ear buds or built in speaker will let you listen to the live radio broadcast at the Jamboree.

Be On the Air

Look Mom!  I’m on the air!  Sign up at the QBSA location at the Jamboree toQBSA-Patch-for-Broadcasting broadcast for 15 minutes and your family and friends can hear you back at home.  Check out the cool QBSA patch if you go on the air.

Everyone Can Listen

Even if you can’t attend the Jamboree itself, you can listen to QBSA as it streams over the Internet, even using a Web-enabled phone or tablet!

From the QBSA Facebook Page

QBSA got its start at the 1997 National Scout Jamboree. It replaced the WBSA station that served previous Jamborees. It has only grown bigger and better. In 2005 QBSA began streaming over the Internet. There will be a professionally done morning show from 5:00am to 9:00am each day of the Jamboree. Scouts will be on the air for 15 minute broadcasts throughout the day. In the evening, the QBSA youth staff takes over. We also broadcast the opening and closing Jamboree shows as well as many special events…

Click here for the QBSA Facebook page.