Planning for the 2017 Great Rivers Council Jamboree Troop

Jambo Banner - Action 300x600Even though the Jamboree seems way into the future, nearly two years away, there are many, many details to be considered and arranged.  The Great Rivers Council Jamboree Planning Committee is already at work to support the Council Troop.

The most important question is, are you planning to attend?

David Crane of Fulton Selected as Scoutmaster

The Jamboree Planning Committee met recently and confirmed the selection of David Crane of Fulton as the Scoutmaster for the 2017 Jamboree Troop.  Congratulations!

More Planning

The Planning Committee, led by Mike Sykuta as chair, will continue to meet with Scoutmaster Crane to prepare an information fact sheet, registration forms, and to start the arrangements for the Troop to have an extraordinary experience.

Here is information about the Jamboree theme and logo for 2017.

And here is a “starting page” for parents of Jamboree participants.

Get ready to “live Scouting’s adventure!”

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