Jambo Day 8 — SM Update

Today was our next-to-last day at Jamboree and the boys were all out looking for new opportunities and adventures around The Summit. The weather cooperated pretty well until the late afternoon, allowing the guys to get in a lot of different activities. A team took on the aquatic Wipe Out course (think the tv show) and went paddle boarding.

Photo Credit: BSA photo

Photo Credit: BSA photo

One dedicated and patient Scout waited in line almost all day to ride one of the Summit Center zip lines–something he says was a highlight of his trip. I wasn’t able to get a run-down on all the guys, but they all seemed to have had a good day by dinner time.

BSA Al Drago - Whitewater rafting

Photo Credit: BSA photo by Al Drago

Mr. Ruppar, Mr. Bagby, and I got to check out the white water rafting today. The section of river we covered had several Class II rapids and a lot of slower places that allowed us to get into the river and float along a bit. Our guys who do white water tomorrow will raft the next section of the river, which the guides indicated had a good Class III rapid on it. I’m sure they’re going to have a great time, judging by the responses of the boys who were on the river with us today.

As the afternoon drew to a close, we had a strong storm pop up. There was no lightning, but there were high winds and a lot of rain for a short while. Jacob and Conner got caught in the downpour as they were transporting our food supplies back from the base camp commissary. I wish I had a picture of the shocked look on Jacob’s face as he came under the dining fly. The rain broke long enough for us to get dinner cooked and cleaned up before another shower rolled through. Then the clouds parted as a beautiful full moon rose over the mountains.

The camp site is getting a little swampy with all the rain. Shoes and boots are muddy and wet. But the tents have stayed dry and the guys are making the most of it.

Tomorrow is our last day of Jamboree. The Scoutmasters and SPLs were briefed this evening on our check-out plans and procedures. We will begin packing up our camp supplies tomorrow afternoon and evening. Our departure time Wednesday is 7AM, so we aim to get as much of the camp broken down and packed back up before we go to bed so we have as little as possible to pack up in the wee hours of the morning.  But before that, we have another day of programs, white water rafting, and for three lucky guys, a ride down the Big Zip (weather permitting). It should be an exciting day and a great way to wrap up our Jamboree. Good night, all!