Jambo Day 6 — SM Update

Wow! What a day!

We woke up to news that the schedule for the day had changed. Rather than a full day of high adventure activities and an evening show, the big Celebration of Scouting show was moved to the afternoon because a storm was forecast for the evening. The boys headed off in various directions to do more BMX, scuba, and other activities. They had a good morning. It was my day to stay in camp while the other adults went out to explore the Jamboree, so I made a cup of coffee, read a book, took a nap…the usual Scoutmaster duties.

In the afternoon we headed to the AT&T Summit Stadium for a fantastic show. For the pre-show entertainment, the Jamboree Band performed and the grand champion and runner up of the Scouts Got Talent competition performed (a really good piano player and a dancer, respectively). A teen female artist, Sarah Centeno, came on stage and the boys really enjoyed her set.

Jamboree Today photo by Daniel M. Reck

Jamboree Today photo by Daniel M. Reck

And then the real show began. After some introductory comments, including Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustav, special guest Mike Rowe came on stage as an encore from his 2010 Jamboree appearance and gave an excellent talk! The boys were really pumped and Rowe gave some great advice to the boys about being clean but not afraid to get dirty, and remembering to stay connected–with other people, with the environment, with what’s going on in the world. Then finally, the entertainment highlight brought 3 Doors Down to the stage. They had the place rockin’! And judging by the guys’ responses and some of the Facebook posts I’ve seen, the boys were really amped by 3DD’s performance.

Following the show we headed back to our campsite quickly. The Jamboree weather forecasters called it right. Dark clouds started rolling in just as the show concluded. Our cooking patrol took off for the commissary to pick up our dinner and got back to camp just before the rain started. Then the sky let loose. The dinner consisted of turkey and cheese sandwiches that hadn’t fully thawed along with the usual camp sides (a Nutrigrain bar, some granola, some fruit snacks, and apples). We had our dinner conversation under the dining fly while the wind and rain picked up. I finally decided to head to my tent to ride out the storm and promptly fell asleep. Four hours of sitting on a sunny hillside has a way of draining the batteries.

The rain passed and I could hear the bustle of boys picking up outside. I eventually roused myself from the cot as the boys were getting into their tents. A near-full moon fills the sky and it’s almost a bit chilly. The frogs are singing again. Here’s hoping to an otherwise quiet night.

Tomorrow there will be activity programs in the afternoon in addition to the big Jambo-palooza. C140 has invited boys from St. Louis troops C109 and C146 to join us in a huge chess match against Scouts from the Western L.A. Council to promote the chess merit badge. Our Council Scout Executive, Doug Callahan, and Asst. Scout Executive John Fabsits will be here along with special guest Jeanne Sinquefield, who helped create the BSA Chess merit badge. The boys have been looking forward to participating in a life-size chess tournament, where the scouts will play the part of the chess pieces as well as playing games against other scouts. It should be an exciting addition to all the other Jambo programs.

The boys are already starting to look at Wednesday on the near horizon with a mixture of anticipation and regret. It’s difficult to believe there are only a few more days of Jamboree. But we’re going to make the most of them!