Jambo Day 5 — SM Update

Today we hiked to the summit of The Summit. We were up extra-early as the Invisible People patrol(youngest guys) got up to prepare a breakfast of french toast and bacon. (There are only three hot breakfasts during our 10 days, and two of them were on days we had early starts. Let’s just say getting up early for a hearty breakfast builds character.) Shortly after 7AM, we headed out with our OA guide for Garden Ground Mountain. We first hiked to Base Camp Alpha and the trail head to the summit. That’s roughly a 1.5 mile hike. We then hiked about 3.5 miles up to the summit from there.

The program at the top included a variety of activities, from board games and fields sports to Scottish-style highland games to a “buckskin village” that included black-powder guns and tomahawk throwing to a “pioneering company” with an array of pioneering craft to an OA Indian village and dance team kiva to a replica of an early BSA summer cam1000214_10151495323851759_823642211_np. The summit is also where the Council fire ring that David wrote about is located. In addition to all the activities, there is also a beautiful scenic overlook of the SBR below, particularly of Base Camp Alpha.

We arrived at the top shortly before 10AM. The boys explored some of the programs, but after a couple hours we were interrupted by another mid-day thunderstorm that caused us to follow Safe Scouting guidelines and get the boys out of the open fields on the ridge line. After getting the boys all rounded up and waiting to see how the storm developed, we decided to just hike down the mountain rather than stay hunkered down for a long time on the trails below the summit ridge.

We did end up getting a little wet on the hike back down, but the boys were in great spirits and the light rain actually felt very refreshing. When we rolled back into camp, most of the boys wanted to rest their feet, but a few had other plans in mind including a trip to the trading post and–of course–some more patch trading. We had another storm roll in shortly after our dinner and we had a gentle rain through much of the evening. But now the boys are in their tents; the leaders have debriefed, showered, and gone to bed; and the frogs are singing. Tomorrow is an open activity day for the boys. Many have plans to hit different program areas, including scuba. And tomorrow night is the big Celebration of Scouting at the AT&T Summit Stadium which is supposed to include a huge fireworks display. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and we’ll have a great Saturday at the Jamboree.