Jambo Day 4 — SM Update

Today was a busy day at The Summit for Troop C140 as most of our boys headed out to experience the high adventure programs around the camp. It was a day of excitement for boys who completed the Challenge Course (think a super-cool COPE ropes course), shot shotguns, road BMX bikes, road mountain bikes, enjoyed water adventures or even just learned more about some classic Scout skills like dutch oven cooking.

It was also a day of a little disappointment, as a thunderstorm rolled through the area mid-day–not close enough to get us wet, but close enough to trigger a lightning warning that closed some of the water and aerial programs that some of our guys hoped to do. Given the volume of Scouts each day, they may or may not get a chance to do some of those activities. But they understood that risk ahead of time and are dealing with the disappointment pretty well.

Yours truly spent the morning helping harness boys up for the Challenge Course. I walked Jacob and Trask to the program area just to see where it was and got pulled in to volunteer for the morning. The boys completed the course–and loved it!–well before I was done with my volunteer shift. I hope to cash in my reward of doing the ropes course myself before we leave. After four hours of yanking on harnesses, I didn’t feel like taking on the challenge course, which included several obstacles such as logs suspended 50′ in the air that had to be crossed like stepping stones.

Most of the guys spent the later part of the afternoon in the subcamp playing games and trading patches with boys from around the country. Several actually did laundry! And as of today, everyone has showered at least once. No minor accomplishment for the Scout leaders.

The boys are reaching that point of a long trip where the normal “storming” dynamics set in for new groups. By and large, they are dealing with it well and Brendan has been an excellent ASM for helping work with the boys on those issues. Having our medic, Mr. Ruppar, also paid off again today as a couple of the guys had pretty wicked wipeouts on the mountain boards and mountain bikes. They have some scrapes and bruises, but they were all smiles and showing off their wounds like trophies when they got back to camp from the field medic staff. Todd double checked them and took one up to the subcamp med tent to get some ice, but everyone agreed he’s good to go.

Tomorrow is our trek to Garden Ground Mountain. We will be hiking most of the morning and having some undisclosed program at the mountain’s peak before coming back to camp in the early evening. It will be a long day. Not too rigorous of a hike, per se, but a long day nonetheless.

Evan, our hometown news reporter, submitted his first article through the Jambo press corps to the Columbia Tribune. Keep an eye out there for more from Evan’s perspective. The local news also visited our Day of Service yesterday and have an article on their website.

We are officially half-way through our Jamboree trip, and almost halfway the Jamboree itself. Time is flying, and it’s difficult to imagine what all the boys will be able to do in the second half of the trip. It is a pleasure and a blessing to be here with these young men and my adult teammates. Here’s to a fun and safe remainder of our experience!