Jambo Day 3 — SM Update

Today was our Messengers of Peace Day of Service. C140 was assigned to report to the buses at 8AM and we actually arrived a bit early. But even with just 8,000 people going out on DOS today there were long lines waiting for OA guides and buses to get us to our service project. We boarded a bus for an unknown destination, handed the driver a GPS tracking device for our Unit, and received a packet with instructions for our day.

Ghent Elementary School for our Day of Service

Ghent Elementary School for our Day of Service

We ended up being assigned to Ghent Elementary School, which services about 250 kids from pre-K to 5th grade.

The playground needed mulch and their nature trail needed some new signs (which had been made by their Cub Scouts) to mark trees for identification. (It was nice having a forester–ASM Hank Stelzer– in our group!)  The boys got all the  mulch spread around the school, cleaned up the nature trail, and posted new signs for over a dozen trees.

In the process, we made new friends with staff and volunteers from the school who shared with us some history of the Winding Gulf coal region of West Virginia. They also shared some delicious watermelon to cool off after we finished our work. The boys seemed to appreciate the opportunity to help the people of the community and the importance of the work we did both for the kids of the school and the environment.

1003006_10151491501941759_124013974_n  We headed back to camp and were able to get dinner cooked before a brief thunderstorm blew in. The boys seem to be having a pretty good time, but they are excited to hit the program areas tomorrow.  It will certainly be a big day!