Jambo Day 2 — SM Update

Our first FULL day at Jambo 2013 was exciting, hot, and fun!

Our day started¬†with breakfast (a cold breakfast today) and items to be packed for lunches. The Summit is so large that is makes no sense to have the boys coming back to camp to eat lunch each day, so we’re packing lunches that they can eat wherever they are mid-day.

The morning program included the official dedication of The Summit Bechtel Family Scout Reserve. There was music from Rockbox as we gathered, some “pre-program” music by a West Virginia National Guard band, and a short concert by Taylor Made. The boys I was near were amazed at the number of people sitting in the AT&T Summit Stadium. Imagine 40,000 Scouts doing the wave across a hillside amphitheater, or joining together to recite the Scout Oath. It was awesome! Fun fact: We are now the third largest city in the state of West Virginia.

In addition to the entertainment, there were introductions of dignitaries, including Mr. Bechtel and the Governor of West Virginia, Earl Tomblin. Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T and the Volunteer Chairman of the Jamboree, also addressed the Scouts. And then the Scouts and Venturers were unleashed on the Summit for its first official day of program.

Our boys tried a number of the high adventure activities and other programs. I heard tales of BMX biking, skateboarding on the world’s largest skate park, and disc golf. Several boys spent time just exploring the enormity of The Summit and checking out the different program areas. A few have already earned or partially completed merit badges such as Game Design (a newer STEM badge). Mr. Stelzer even volunteered to help at the Canopy Tour and was able to ride the course. He said it was awesome! And of course, the badge trading continued. As an economist, I must say how impressive it is to see the markets appearing all over camp and to see how several of our boys are getting more into the whole trading thing and learning how to make and get the best deals for the patches they want.

Tomorrow is our Messengers of Peace Day of Service. Several of the boys are looking forward to the opportunity to give back to the West Virginia community. It should be a pretty meaningful experience. So it’s off to bed for me! Good night, Jambo 2013!